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Benefits of Education Travel

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Traditional classroom instruction has advanced rapidly in the recent years, allowing for better learning opportunities. However, there is nothing that can compare to what students can learn from being in new and ever-changing environments, and being immersed in different cultures. Student travel helps students with all different learning types and social skills to excel. It also enables each student to develop a greater understanding of the country they are visiting. Truly seeing the social conditions and activities of the native people gives a much deeper and meaningful understanding of the culture as opposed to reading about it in a book. Through student travel, traditions, politics, history, and wars that different regions encounter become much more real, and give the student memories that will last a lifetime. Classmates will grow together, as all of their new experiences will encourage discussion, debate, and teamwork. They will also be able to better understand their own country’s connection with the country they are visiting, and develop a greater appreciation for both, and life in general.

Learning a foreign language is easier when you are immersed in it, and when you have to use it on a daily basis. Students who are studying language can expect their grades and understanding of the language to greatly improve after visiting a country where that language is primarily spoken. It can certainly help instructors and adults on the trip brush up on their second language as well.

Having visited a foreign country is something that can certainly set your college application or resume apart from the rest. Student travel instills confidence and encourages teens to learn how to compromise and communicate better with others. It also may inspire them to explore job opportunities that would require travel and/or communications with other countries, which will most certainly impress job recruiters. We are becoming a global society, so being familiar with other cultures will better prepare any student for their future – regardless of their goals.

There are numerous travel companies that specialize in teen trips and education travel. If the idea of educational traveling appeals to you, check out some of these companies online or ask your advisor at school to compare the destinations and tours, rates, discounts and payment plans, and what kind of insurance is offered. Safety is of very high priority for these companies, so everything from medical emergencies to lost or delayed baggage is usually covered under their insurance plans. Most of these travel companies that specialize in educational teen trips organize great itineraries and have a myriad of fun, cultural activities planned to help enhance your visit. They ensure that the great historical monuments of the country are visited and studied, as well as arrange for some guest speakers to come meet the class. It is a good idea to find an accredited educational travel company, because you can often earn school credits for going on your journey, as well as being included in Advanced Placement Programs for top colleges and companies!